Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Sharing All the World!

Youtube Collab channels are everywhere. They more or less have the same formula over and over again; five people, each assigned a different day, talking and responding to each other. A conversation, meant for everyone to see, usually by a group of friends or people who've met online, to share their friendship with the viewers. Challenges are set, to make the videos interesting, but there never seemed to be a clear purpose behind the videos though.

However, a few days ago, Michelle started a collab channel meant for five people with completely different nationalities. While the British and American youtubers usually have an advantage getting into collab channels because of their fluency, the purpose of this new channel called Sharing All The World is to feature as many different nationalities as possible!

As a result of that, the Danish popular youtuber Simon - or 1992Jarhead as many of you may know him - has been cast as (Si)Monday. The other participants are British, Dutch, American and Denmark respectively. Within 3 days, they've already gotten over 50 subscribers, but they're worth more than that.

Five awesome nerdfighters joining together learn as much about other cultures and be awesome internationally is definitely worth a Sub!

P.s. Wednes-wes-day is the most awesome of all, obviously ;) 

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Top 5 Deadliest Animals

This list contains the top 5 deadliest animals on Earth (besides the 
human which is obviously #1).

5. Lion:King of the animals, highest in the food chain in Africa... but not the deadliest! His features are very impressive and with its razor-sharp teeth,  incredible speed and huge strength this animal feeds itself with all other mammals in Africa. Even humans if its regular food source is scarce!

4. White shark:With over 3000 teeth, an unimaginably good sense of smell and an incredible feeling for the tiniest of sparks in the water, the white  shark is very dangerous to say the least. Besides their incredible 
sense of smell which enables them to smell one small drip of blood in  100 liters of water, their ultimate weapon is their really sensitive  feeling for the electrical field. Every human heartbeat produces a  tiny electrical pulse, and a shark van feel a difference of  0.0000000005 volt...

Still not convinced? Watch Jaws! (trailer)

3. Australian box jellyfish:With their sometimes even over 60 tentacles, which can be up to 4,5 meters long (13 feet), this is the most dangerous creature in the deep-sea. His poison is different from the cobra's, as it will make your skin feel like it is burning, as if it’s on fire. 'Not that bad', you might think, but 10cm (3 inches) of tentacle touching your skin is enough poison to kill you. Each Australian box jellyfish can kill 3600 full-grown men in one go!
Most sites don't list the mosquito as the deadliest animal, which is probably because the mosquito doesn't kill by itself (although it does sucks 0.005 ml blood so if 1600 mosquitoes suck your blood at the same time you will die, but I'm sure 1600 attacking elephants wouldn't be very pleasant either). However, you can compare the mouth of a mosquito with a dirty needle, which carries diseases such as malaria and yellow fever. Malaria kills 1 million people a year and 90% of them is an African child.

2. Cobra:The poison of the cobra is extraordinary. When you’re bitten by a cobra, your tissue will be directly to start break down and only a few medications have any effect. Over 2 million people are bitten by a cobra every year, 50.000 of them won't survive...

1. Mosquito:
Most sites don't list the mosquito but it is the most deadlie animal  ever. The mosquito doesn't kill by itself (actually it sucks 0.005 ml blood so if 1600 mosquitos suck your blood at the same time you will
die). But you can compare the mouth of a mosquite with a dirty needle, which carries deseases such as malaria and yellow fever.

Malaria kills 1 million people a year and 90% of them is an African

<- I know they are bees and not mosquitos but you get the point of sucked dry by them.... not very nice :3

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The Wilderness Downtown

Words don’t always describe everything. I love words, I love how they can trigger emotions and create images in your mind, some emotions and some images can’t be created solely through words. I’ve recently come across one of these amazingly beautiful things of which it is just impossible to explain why it moves you so much if you haven’t seen it. You have to see it.

The website is best viewed with Google Chrome and, as it’s quite browser-intensive, all other applications closed.
In an attempt to add some words to describe what this before you click:
Back in August of 2010, Canadian orchestral indierockband Arcade Fire released their new album ‘The Suburbs’. To accompany that release, Arcade Fire and Google released an interactive online music video written and directed by Chris Milk (who previously worked on The Johnny Cash Project), which allows you to enter the address you grew up and the video is then geopersonalised. By showcasing the capabilities of HTML5, the combination of Arcade Fire’s song We Used To Wait with video footage of the town and street you grew up in creates a very nostalgic mood and feel.

A slow computer – which I know we all have – the site probably slows it down that extra bit, but I tell you, it’s definitely worth the extra trouble your grumbling computer will have to go through.  :) 

Ice coup

So hey guys,
I didn't just wanted to show you what a delicious ice coup I ate yesterday, I also wanted to talk about with you about serious matters. This ice coup seems nice doesn't it? Yes it does... But is it really necessary to have somthing like this? We can also live without a dessert or just with something simple. Don't get me wrong I love icecream but when I saw this thing I was wondering if we really need all of this.....

Torino's desk

So recently we've made a blog how messy my desk is and I justed wanted to show it to you.

So here is my desk after I'd cleaned it...... Okay it was a week ago but still, I cleaned it!!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Five reasons why it’s totally plausible blogging can give you world domination!

Okay, perhaps it's not completely realistic that we'll all get world domination by posting a couple of blogs, but hey, we're dreamers and it is plausible it can happen! We're not called World Wake Up Call because we like to sit back and do nothing. ;)

5. The Gospel According To Larry
Ah, yes, fiction, I know. We mentioned this novel in our previous blog, but it’s worth mentioning here again. The Gospel According To Larry by Janet Tashjian is a story which tells us about the very strongly opinionated and articulate teenage Josh, whose dream is to change the world. He creates his own website, a blog,  on which he writes articles under the alias “Larry” – apparently the most un-biblical name he could come up with… sounds like a challenge to me! - to rebel against mass production and consumerism among other things. Although it took until someone in the local newspaper wrote an article about him, he did eventually gain a big following – hooray, one step closer to world domination!

But unfortunately, it did take someone from a newspaper to give him a big audience, so Josh  - Larry – will have to settle for a lousy fifth place. Also, the fact that he faked his own suicide doesn’t really show his world leader attitude either.

4. Universal
Which brings us to the fourth place! Blogging, with which I mean writing articles and publishing them on the internet, is very universal. You might be a very inspiring writer and a brilliant debater, but writing a small article for page 28 of the local newspaper won’t be inspiring to anyone. On the Internet however, all you have to be able to do is promote your blog well to gain a good and universal following. One of the most perfect examples of what the universalness of the internet can achieve is Anonymous. Thankfully, blogs are usually a bit more organized and.. moderated.. than our lovely 4chan, but Anonymous’ attacks on Paypal and the Swiss bank PostFinance were pretty effective, not to mention the demonstrations against Scientology.

However, although being so universal will enable you to get a huge following, you still depend on other people to give you power, so it’s still not the best way to gain world domination.

3. Wealth
Yes, well, a huge following alone might not be enough to gain world domination, but it does earn you support from Google Adsense and other advertising sites. Now I’m not saying GoogleAdsense or support from Google in general will make you the ultimate world leader, but advertising means.. yes… money!

An anonymous blogger in his late teens managed to earn $200,000+ within one year of building his blog from scratch. Jason Calacanis, who has 120 bloggers working for him, is confident he will earn more than $1 million in Google AdSense payments over the next year. And, although we might still wish it wasn’t so, money gets you very far in this world. 

2. Searching for Answers – the Power of Knowledge!
Some time ago, typing in ‘Holocaust’ in Google – oh no, mentioning Google twice in the quest for world domination! – lead you to a page telling you the Holocaust never really happened. Having a lot of readers on your blog gives you the power to give them false information. Imagine having most of the world as a loyal following on your blog, and you suddenly post a blog about the inside information you have on how Russia is planning to invade every European country. Chaos guaranteed!

1 . Ender’s Game
But of course, the real winner should be the fictional novel by Orson Scott Card in which two characters did really become world leaders by writing anonymously on ‘the nets’ – and they were teens! Funnily enough, this book was written before the internet actually existed. This book shortly tells how the brother and sister of the main character start writing articles and essays on ‘the nets’, and in the following books it is revealed that, while the sister went off to space, the brother actually did become ‘Hegemon’, their word for world leader, and reunited the world after his essays stopped a couple of wars.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

London's Big Ben in Wintertime

Griffith was in London during the last heavy snowfall. So, as a start for our > than 1000 words Travel page, a picture! You can either click on the map at the side to keep track of our travels, or frequently visit the  > than 1000 words page.